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Preventing Cavities

The best defense is a good offense!

Your family's best defense against cavities is the development of thick, well mineralized enamel. This
forms a natural barrier to decay.

The fact is: 
Well mineralized teeth resist cavities up to 10 times better.

Clinical studies have proven that, barring illness, nutrition during childhood tooth development is the single overriding factor that determines enamel quality. Not genetics, not luck.

So how can you promote thick, well mineralized enamel?

The balanced blend of vitamins D and K2, calcium and phosphorus and other minerals, as found in "The Dental Essentials" consistently achieves the highest quality, well mineralized, decay resistant enamel.

When is the best time to prevent cavities?

Enamel formation begins during the second trimester of pregnancy and continues throughout childhood and adolescence. "The Dental Essentials" are specifically formulated to provide your child with all the necessary nutrients during this time so you can mount the best offense against cavities and say goodbye to the dentist drill forever.

View clinical results through the microscope.