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Phosphorus is like Rodney Dangerfield:

it gets no respect.

Next to calcium, phosphorus is the most abundant mineral in the body. Together, these two important nutrients work closely to build strong bones and teeth.

It is important that calcium and phosphorus intakes be balanced. 

We know calcium supplementation is important but taking calcium without a balanced intake of phosphorus can actually lead to lower phosphorus absorption in the body and even a phosphorus deficiency.


There are a variety of calcium compounds used as supplements.  The most common and inexpensive supplements on the market are calcium carbonate or calcium citrate, neither of which contains any phosphorus.  Calcium phosphate, although more expensive, contains calcium and phosphorus in the same ratio as bones and teeth.


Supplementation with calcium phosphate has been shown to reduce the occurrence of dental decay in children by about 50%, and has also been shown to be more effective than other calcium supplements for reducing bone loss"The Dental Essentials - Complete" uses only calcium phosphate in its formula.

So how much phosphorus do we need?

The Recommended Daily Intake for phosphorus is 1,000mg/d.  However, the optimum phosphorus intake for maximizing dental health appears to be significantly higher than the RDI.  In Dr. May Mellanby’s diet trials, children following the calcifying diet consumed an average of 1,900mg/d.

For those getting most of their calcium from milk, dairy products and food, obtaining sufficient phosphorus shouldn't be a problem. However, if calcium supplements are used, there is potential for the calcium and phosphorus intake to be unbalanced, which can reduce absorption of calcium.  That's why at "The Dental Essentials" we use only pharmaceutical grade calcium phosphate in our products.  

Four tablets of "The Dental Essentials - Complete" provide 1000mg of calcium and 480mg of phosphorus as calcium phosphate.  

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