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We know sugar causes cavities, but that's not the whole story.

Dentists have largely overlooked the role of nutrition in the fight against tooth decay, which is surprising since it has been clinically demonstrated that nutrition is the single most important factor in developing cavity-resistant teeth. Plain and simple.

Want to help your kids grow up cavity free? 

Ensure they get all the nutrients that have been clinically proven to promote natural remineralization and reduce their risk of cavities by up to 95%.  Everyday, simply give your family “The Dental Essentials,” as easy-to-swallow tablets for teens and older kids, or liquid drops in milk or other calcium source for the youngsters. That's it. Within as little as three months, teeth can become significantly more resistant to decay and the incidence of cavities decreases drastically.

Moms get cavities too.

Heard the Old Wives' Tale: "gain a child, lose a tooth"Turns out that it's true.  Calcium and vitamin needs are particularly high for expecting and nursing mothers and can deplete mother's reserves leading to cavities, sensitive teeth, and other dental problems. "The Dental Essentials - Complete" is designed to be taken from as early as the first trimester of pregnancy to help ensure mom's teeth remain strong, well mineralized and cavity free. It will also ensure baby's teeth develop well mineralized, decay-resistant enamel, which will set the stage for a lifetime free of cavities.

Science-based and clinically proven.

Our nutritional supplements are based on decades of clinical research published in leading medical and dental journals. We encourage you to look around the website and read through the studies and trials that have led to “The Dental Essentials."

Say goodbye to cavities forever. No drilling, no filling, no kidding!

With our 100% refundable guarantee the only thing you have to lose is a date with the dentist drill.