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About the Products
Are "The Dental Essentials" safe to take during pregnancy and nursing, and for infants?
Can I take "The Dental Essentials" with my prenatal vitamins?
Can my children take "The Dental Essentials" along with their one-a-day vitamins?
What is the recommended dosage of "The Dental Essentials"?
Can "The Dental Essentials" really heal cavities?
How long will it take to see results?
About the ingredients
Can too much calcium cause adverse side effects?
Can too much vitamin D cause adverse side effects?
Can too much vitamin K2 cause adverse side effects?
How much calcium do I need?
How much vitamin D do I need?
How much vitamin K2 do I need?
What type of calcium is used in "The Dental Essentials"?
Why don't The Dental Essentials - Liquid drops contain the same ingredients as the Complete tablets?
General questions
Can't I get all the vitamins and minerals I need through food?
I’ve heard supplements don’t work. Is that true?
My child doesn't drink milk.
My child has a cavity, what should I do?
Should adults take "The Dental Essentials" too?
The dentist said my child has very poor enamel. Can "The Dental Essentials" help?
What about genetics?
Why hasn’t my dentist ever mentioned the role of nutrition in tooth decay?
Will "The Dental Essentials" help my sensitive teeth?
Will "The Dental Essentials" interfere with a topical whitening product?
Does sugar cause tooth decay?
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How do I change quantities or cancel an item in my order?
How do I track my order?
My order never arrived.
Do you ship to my country?
What are my payment options?
When will my order ship and what are my shipping charges?
Pricing and Billing
Do I have to pay sales tax?
I have a question on my charges.
I need a copy of my receipt/invoice.
When will my credit appear on my account?
When will my credit card be charged?
My Account
How do I create an account?
How do I edit my account information?
How much is my shipping?
I forgot my password.
How do I return my product?
I received the wrong product.
What is your return policy?
How do I cancel my autoshipments of The Dental Essentials
Guarantees and additional support
How do I contact you?
Money Back Guarantee
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