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My childhood memories of going to the dentist are not good ones. One year, I had 3 cavities; one year I had 6, and one year I had a whopping 10. To this day, the sound of a dentist drill makes me cringe.


I brushed daily but, admittedly, I had a poor diet and ate a lot of sugary foods.


My daughter, Gemma, however, is another story. She is an active, healthy girl who eats organic foods, brushes twice a day, and eats a lot less sugar than I did. So I was surprised to hear that she had two cavities in her teeth and even more surprised when her dentist told me that the enamel on her back teeth was extremely poor, nearly non-existent.  When I pressed her for advice, she reminded me about the importance of brushing and avoiding sugar but then added that with her poor enamel, “it’s not if she’ll get more cavities, it’s when.

I turned to my partner, Rob, for help.


Rob is an extremely bright man with over a dozen initials after his name and after his initial research, he was so intrigued by the relationship between nutrition and tooth decay that he spent the next several months in the Woodward medical library combing through 100 years of research on nutrition and dental health. 

His findings can be summed up this way:  Cavities are largely the result of extremely common nutritional deficiencies.  Eliminate those deficiencies and you will effectively eliminate the cavities.

In fact, the consistency of the evidence was so overwhelmingly clear, it made me wonder why modern dentistry didn’t really seem to address the issue. Why hadn’t I been advised to provide certain nutrients to strengthen Gemma’s teeth and help remineralize her enamel rather than waiting to just drill them and fill them again and again?


Fortunately through his research, Rob identified the most effective combination of ingredients that would help strengthen Gemma’s teeth against future cavities and I began giving them to her daily. That was three years ago and despite her poor enamel, she has never had another cavity. Her younger brother is also happily cavity free. 


I've been so pleased with our results, as well as those of our friends and families, that I decided to offer our nutritional supplements to the public.

"The Dental Essentials" is based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. All our products are manufactured at an FDA registered and fully cGMP compliant facility in NY state, backed by 30 years experience creating and producing high quality vitamin supplements. All ingredients undergo rigorous testing to ensure purity and quality.  We worked closely with their pharmacists and chemists to ensure that our products are safe and effective.

Our products contain no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy excipients, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives.

What you will find is the ideal combination of natural ingredients that can help you
avoid the cost and trauma of invasive dental procedures and promote naturally healthy, decay resistant teeth.

Yours truly,
Melinda Friedman