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Notes from our happy customers... 

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When my son was a year and a half I took him to the dentist for his first checkup. To my surprise, he had cavities in all his molars, needed a root canal, and had to have his 4 front teeth capped. I had never heard of such a small child having such bad teeth. My dentist blamed it on the fact that I was still breastfeeding my son. I knew this couldn't be true and I started to do some research on tooth decay. I was surprised on the information I found and on how little dentists know about nutrition.

I began giving The Dental Essentials Liquid to my son when he was 2 years old. He is now 4 years old and taking his drops every morning is just part of his routine. The drops are completely tasteless so it was never a problem to have him take them. We go to the dentist for checkups every 6 months (I found another dentist that has a more holistic approach!) and I am happy to report that he has not had a cavity since. Amazing how simple the solution to his problem was!”

Christina (Miami, Florida)

When my son, who is dairy, soy, and gluten intolerant, was six years old, we were shocked at one his regular dental checkups. The hygenist announced that he had six cavities! This was unheard of in our family- I am 43 and do not have any cavities, my older son (8 years old at the time) had no cavities, and my husband didn't get a cavity until he was 30 years old. The hygenist shrugged her shoulders and told us that some people are just more prone to cavities and we don't know why, but I knew that something was wrong. Though I was giving my son supplements, it clearly wasn't enough or wasn't the right combination of nutrients. After extensive research, I found The Dental Essentials. My son began taking the tablets immediately and we saw a difference very quickly. The dentist filled two of the worst cavities, but after starting on The Dental Essentials, those other cavities never seemed to progress so my son never needed work done on them. Today he is eleven years old and he had not had a cavity in over four years. Since I have the same food restrictions as my son, I am also taking The Dental Essentials and have continued my cavity-free adult life. We are so appreciative that The Dental Essentials exists- it has made a huge difference in our lives!

Jill (Albany, NY)

“My oldest daughter got her first cavity at about age 6... make that first 8 cavities! The cavities were in between the molars and affected all four pairs of teeth that were touching. I knew we hadn't been very diligent about oral hygiene, but this seemed extreme. We took her to the dentist and he recommended general anesthesia to fill the cavities all at once in order to cause her the least amount of emotional trauma and to maintain a positive experience at the dentist. While she came out unscathed, my husband and I were very traumatized. It was very scary to see our little girl "put under." After that we were extremely diligent about oral hygiene, brushing and flossing her ourselves. Unfortunately, the next visit proved only slightly more positive; "only" three cavities this time. We took her to another dentist who was willing to do the work with local anesthesia. While that was more promising, we were still dumbfounded by the number of cavities that she was getting.

At this point I started thinking that the problem had less to do with oral hygiene and more to do with diet and nutrition, after all, this was my picky eater; the one who almost exclusively ate any form of carbohydrate. I reached out to a group of moms who I thought might be able to help. One of them recommended your product and I started administering it right away. At her last dental checkup, no cavities. I almost cried tears of joy!

Recently, I brought my daughter to a nutritionist to see if we could improve her diet. I was instructed to bring all vitamins and supplements along. When the nutritionist looked at The Dental Essentials, she couldn't have been happier. She said she had never seen a product that was so clean. She told me to continue with it, as my daughter's tooth enamel was weakened over the years from a gluten sensitivity, which caused an inability to absorb nutrients.

I am so thankful for The Dental Essentials for helping to build back up her enamel. Now, along with dietary changes, I'm hopeful that she won't be subjected to a lifetime of painful and expensive dental procedures.”

Sarah (Atlanta, Georgia)

“I would be happy to share my results with my oldest child. Caleb is 15 now. Last year when I was pregnant with my 7th, I was taking the Dental Essentials capsules. I also had him take them, as he's as big as an adult and he can swallow pills easily. After taking the capsules for a few months, he had a dental cleaning and exam. He had ZERO cavities, which was a new experience for him! The hygienist and Dentist both praised him to no end on this health of his mouth. They said that it was VERY rare to find a teen with great gum and tooth health.”

Carrie (Atlanta, Georgia)

“About two and a half years ago, a trip to the dentist revealed that my oldest daughter (who was 8 at the time) and I both had two cavities. I had read about Dental Essentials and decided to give it a try. We both took the liquid on and off over the next year - we didn't always remember to do it daily. We held off getting the cavities filled and when she went for another check up a year later she had only one small cavity instead of the two! And when I went for a follow up visit I went from having two cavities that the dentist wanted to fill right away to having only one spot of decay that the dentist (a different one)suggested just watching for a few months instead of filling.”

Deirdre (Victoria, British Columbia)

“I have been very happy with The Dental Essentials for both myself and my daughter. I have had problems with cavities all of my life despite good oral hygiene. A friend told me about The Dental Essentials about two years ago and I immediately ordered it for myself and drops for my then 4-year-old daughter. I have not had any new cavities since I have started taking The Dental Essentials tablets (I usually only take 2 a day). I have also noticed that my teeth are much less sensitive to temperature changes and to sugar.

My daughter started taking the liquid (10 drops a day) about two years ago and her problem with cavities has essentially disappeared. She also started taking a chewable fluoride tablet around the same time and I think that the combination of the fluoride and The Dental Essentials drastically improved her oral health. She has only had one small cavity in two years. My daughter did not care for the taste of the drops so we added the drops to a tiny bit of cookie butter smeared on a spoon and it seems to work well.

Thank you for great products for both children and adults!”

Jen (Davis, California)

“My son is on his third bottle of the Dental Essentials Liquid for kids. I mix it right in with his milk twice a day. It is completely tasteless. When he was about three, we had noticed that a few baby teeth had cavities, caused by baby bottle decay. Because he is a special needs child, we looked for solutions to stunt the cavity growth. This would be less traumatic than having conventional dental treatments. After using the liquid for just a short time, we noticed that the size of the cavities remained the same. After several months, we noticed that the bottom of the baby teeth where the cavities are has again turned white, whereas before it was a dark color due to the decay. He is almost eight and we still use it, as he is still in the process of losing his baby teeth, a few of which still have cavities.

His gums look super healthy, and the permanent teeth that have come in (seven now!) also look fantastic. They're strong, white, healthy, and beautiful. Even after he loses the remaining baby teeth with the cavities, we will continue to use the Dental Essentials Liquid. We couldn't be happier with the product. It is an excellent buy.”

Mary (Timberlake, Ohio)

“Before I turned 34 I never had a cavity. This year I noticed that I had two holes/cavities that had formed in my teeth. I began researching natural ways to slow or reverse the decay. I considered Fish Oil but found that there were a lot of adverse side effects. I searched further and found Dental Essentials and decided to try it. I am on my second month of using the Dental Essentials tablets now. Within two weeks of taking the pills I no longer had pain in the two teeth with cavities. Now during month two I have noticed that the holes are beginning to close up! I believe that if I keep taking the tablets that the cavities will keep healing and maybe even heal completely. The only thing I did with my diet was cut back on sugar - however, I did not cut out sugar completely. Best of all I have had no bad side effects while using Dental Essentials. I highly suggest this product.”

Elizabeth (North Wilkesboro, NC)

“I don't even remember how I found out about your product (I think I used Google) but I had just found a cavity starting in my back right molar and I started freaking out because I don't have any cavities (I'm 28) and my teeth are healthy. But I know it's because after having my first child that I became deficient in nutrients and we didn't have a lot of money at the time so I wasn't taken any supplements besides some fermented cod liver oil on occasion. So long story short, I was directed to your product by God and Spirit, and I've noticed the cavity hasn't got worse and has lightened a little. And the other reason I was interested in the liquid was for my son to prevent cavities. He just turned 3 in August and he hasn't seen a dentist yet because I’m trying to find the right one (holistic) but I check his mouth frequently and his teeth look very healthy and are very white. I give him 4 drops of the liquid everyday with 1/2 tsp fermented cod liver oil in his smoothie and I believe this combo is working. We also follow the Weston Price diet as much as possible so we soak all grains and beans and nuts and seeds; we buy local organic meats and vegetables and we have a great source for raw milk. I just wanted a little something extra for him just in case he wasn't getting enough vitamin K.”

Sarah (Chatham, Ontario)

“Here’s what my wife had to say:

The drops are so easy to use. Really tasteless and the kids never complained about them. It was great to have something so easy to give to the little one before she started swallowing pills. Now both kids swallow the tablets and don't mind them. We have also ground them in the coffee grinder and added to smoothies or applesauce. We think teeth are slow to respond to change, so despite a lot of diet changes and adding Dental Essentials, we do still have some fillings from time to time, but I really do think it is less than if we were still eating grains and taking calcium alone. My husband wisely reminds me that we are doing all this not just for our children's teeth, but also
our grandchildren's teeth. :)”

Peter (Madison, Wisconsin)