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Vitamins D and K2 together work wonders

The clinical diet trials of Dr. Mellanby show conclusively that a diet rich in vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus promotes well mineralized, highly decay-resistant teeth.

Dr Weston Price DDS, found that when he supplemented with both vitamin D and vitamin K2, he achieved far superior results than using either alone.

Over a seven month period Dr. Price recorded: Children under 10 years old receiving a vitamin D and K2 supplement daily in capsule form had no new cavities, while those not receiving the supplements had an average of 3 new cavities each.

For the 11-20 year olds, those who received the vitamin D and K2 supplement, averaged only 0.15 new cavities each, compared to those not receiving any supplements who developed just over 7 new cavities each.
The children and teenagers
receiving the vitamin D and K2 supplement suffered 98% less tooth decay compared to those who didn't.

This was achieved with no special diet.  The patients were given their supplements and then sent home.

"The Dental Essentials" provide the optimal nutrient balance proven to heal tooth decay and promote strong, cavity-resistant teeth, naturally.  All our products contain both vitamins D and K2.